Rasheeda Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know about the real name of the American rapper Rasheeda. As for your information, she was born as Rasheeda Buckner Frost in Illinois on May 25, 1982. She was known for being a member of duo hip hop group Peach Candy. Until now, she has released several hip hop albums including Diry South, Dat Type of Gurl, A Ghetto Dream, Boss Chick Music and many more.

Many of people are curious about Rasheeda ethnicity background. But based on her appearance, we can say that she is a part of African – American ancestry. Based on the trusted source, his mother Shirleen Harvell is considered for having African – American descent. And his father is known for having Trinidadian descent. What do you think guys? Do you have any other information about her? Please share with us.

Name: Rasheeda

Ethnicity: Black, Trinidadian, African – American

Nationality: American