Ria Ricis Nationality, Religion, Salary, and Family

Ria Ricis was born in Batam, July 1, 1995. Daughter of the couple Sulyanto and Yunifah Lismawati, is well-known to enliven the atmosphere of the small in her big family. Ricis has its own reason why she likes to enliven the mood. According to her, her older sister Oki Setiana Dewi, the artist who became the speaker, and Shindy Kurnia Putri were quiet figures at home.

Ria’s chaos makes the atmosphere of the house become lively. The insanity had been seen from the name of her last name. Ricis is the last name made by her who has long, beautiful and sweet. In fact, Ria Ricis did not intend to be a programmer. At first, she was only fond of and only wanted to entertain the people in her Instagram account with meme-meme and video parody she made.

It turns out, memes and parody videos are much loved by people and bring many followers to Instagram. Followers of Instagram now have 8 million. A fantastic figure even exceeds some of Indonesia’s top artists. With so many followers Instagram, Ricis earns money from paid promotions and endorses from online businesses posted on her own Instagram. Within a week, some products were endorsed. Not just advertising and humor, this 22-year-old girl also incorporates religious values in her Instagram posting.

Ricis always strives not to disturb others around her, she also often remembers #TheRicis, calling for her fans to always behave and think positive. Ria Ricis’s successor at Instagram when she was 20 years old, and 2016 started streaming to youtube with content-like Vlogs and also trending children’s video games that were trending, like squishy, toys with soft or supple textures.

In addition to Instagram, Ria Ricis also has many followers on Youtube with 2.4 million subscribers. With this popular social media, Ria Ricis’s earnings can reach billions in a year and place itself in Indonesia’s famous youtubers such as Raditya Dika, EdhoZell, Reza Oktovian, and Chandra Liow.

Despite being considered the richest youtuber, Ricis does not come from a wealthy family. She was born from a simple family when her family had lived in a mess, where her father worked and lived.

In addition to her career as youtuber and programmer, Ricis also has several side businesses such as, chicken business with her sister, Surabaya Patata cake, and also her hijab collection business called Hijab Ricis.

Not forgetting education, youtuber often called Squishy Queen is completing the 9th semester and also its script. Ricis studied at Pancasila University, majoring in Communication Science.

Following her brother, Oki Setiana Dewi, acting as an actress, she also played several roles in several films such as Selebgram, Mars Met Venus and others. She also frequently performed several television shows as a presenter as well as a presenter.

Full Name: Ria Yunita
Nick Name: Ricis
Birthday: July 1, 1995
Place of Birth: Batam, Indonesia
Father’s name: Sulyanto
Mother’s name: Lismawati
Nationality: Indonesia
Religion: Islam