Rihanna Religion and Political Views

Rihanna is an American singer that was born and raised in Barbados. This article will talk about Rihanna religion and political views. It is speculated that Rihanna is a Christian based on the cross tattoo she has on her neck. However, it is unknown which denomination she follows. Based on the place she grew up the biggest portion of Christian population is Anglican. For political views, Rihanna has an official title of politic from Barbados and actively promoting their tourism. In United States, she has shown her support for Obama, which was a Democrat President.

Several proofs regarding Rihanna religion and political views can be read on the text here.

In her interview with Contact Music, Rihanna mentioned how she leaned towards God during her scandal with Chris Brown, despite her friends and family being very supportive, because she felt lonely and God was the only one who could understand her. Rihanna also often tweets about God in her Twitter. Rihanna mentioned in her interview that she regretted for not being able to be actively involved in politics due to her young age. In the same interview she mentioned how celebrities should care more about the country and its overall condition.