Rita Ora Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

Every time you look Rita Ora, you must be thinking that what her Ethnicity is. Based on her looks, we know that she is mixed race. As for your information, this British singer was not born in England, she was born in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. Her parents Vera and Besnik Sahatciu are from Albania. Rita’s family move to London in 1991 because of political reason in Yugoslavia. Then, as we know now, she is being a great British singer.

On some forums, many people assume that Rita Ora ethnicity is Latina, but it is not true. Rita Ora said that she is 100% Kosovo and want to be black girl. Because of her mixed race, people said that she is natural beauty. Her brown skin makes she looks more beautiful than the origin British race. In addition, some people believe that she had African ancestry, but the proofs are not strong enough that she had African descent

Name: Rita Ora

Ethnicity: Black, Albanian

Nationality: British

Parents: Vera and Besnik Sahatciu