Ryan Gosling Religion and Political Views

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor that was born in Ontario, Canada. He grew up in family of devout Mormons. This article will talk about Ryan Gosling religion and political views. Based on his own statements, the facet of his family was heavily affected by their religion. Despite being raised in a Mormon family, he does not claimed as one. The current spiritual views of Gosling are unclear. As for political views, Gosling appears to be inactive in the politics, both in his adopted and home country (the United States and Canada respectively). However, from his production “Occupy Wall Street”, he may have a liberal tendency.

You can read some proofs about Ryan Gosling religion and political views on the list below:

  • In an interview with a media, Gosling mentioned he was not really Mormon and how his mother never forces him to follow her belief and encourages him to find his own truth instead of following his mother’s belief blindly.
  • Gosling also mentioned how he was raised in a religious family and how their belief affected every single aspect of their life, from the way they thought to what and how they ate, in his interview with The Observer.

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