Serena Williams Religion and Political Views

Do you like tennis? If yes you do, you must know who Serena Williams is? Well, she is a professional tennis player who was born on September 26th 1981. She became a professional when she was 14 years old on September 24th 1995. If we are talking about the Serena Williams religion and political views, she is an Atheist. However, she was raised with a Jehovah’s family but she never practices this religion in her whole life. Furthermore, even if she has no religion, when she wins a match, she usually says thanks Jehovah.

For the political view of Serena Williams, she is a non-political person. She was stated that she wanted to give her vote for Barrack Obama but she never did it. She never votes for anyone, so you can say that she is absolutely non-political person. You also should know that she is interested in fashion and she always wearing the colorful cloth during the tournament. Besides being a pro tennis, she is also involved to some projects which she likes most to spend her time like:

  • Charity work
  • Fashion
  • Equipment
  • Writing
  • Cartoon characters’ voice

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