Seth Rogen Religion And Political Views

A handsome Canadian comedian, Seth Rogen, might be familiar to see in entertainment field. His jokes might not only become his side if you see Seth Rogen religion and political views. In this case, you might know more about him. Through his work to entertain people, sometimes he loves to make any jokes with religion topic.

Actually, he was raised as a Jewish. But recently, he is seen to go closer to Atheism. When he acts on his movie, surely he often makes jokes as a Jewish. But, his political view is much interesting. Based on Seth Rogen religion and political views, he is a Democrat. He supports many social progresses including the gay marriage. Recently, he is known as one of the figure that has big role in the movement.

As a public figure, he is known very generous. He is the one who acts more to gain more charity on Alzheimer’s sufferer and other big charity programs. Marrying Lauren Miller on October 2011, he has made his happy family. Through Seth Rogen religion and political views, it is known that he is very much unique and entertaining not only in media but to others who really need help.

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