Stacey Dash Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

Being a mixed races women in United States is not an easy thing. Discrimination will follow people who are different. A great actress Stacey Dash was experienced discrimination treatments as a black woman when she was child. As for your information, Stacey Dash who was born in Bronx on January 20, 1957 has several mixed of races. Everybody must be agree that her appearance looks so gorgeous, her skin is very exotic. It was made from several combination or races like African, Mexican, American and Barbados.

As she has Mexican descent, her eyes looks green and very beautiful. Based on our research, her mother Linda Dash is white Mexican and her father is having African – Barjan descent. In an interview, Stacey Dash said that she is African – American and having a bit of Mexican descent. But unfortunately, as a black woman, there was an issue that she does not support her community as a black. But some people assume that she is a white girl with brown skin. What do you think guys?

Name: Stacey Dash

Ethnicity: Black, Mexican, African – American, Barbados

Nationality: American

Parents: Linda Dash