Tatyana Ali Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, the biracial American actress and singer Tatyana Ali spoke about her ancestry honestly. As you can see at her appearance, she is dark skin woman and considered as biracial American woman. At an interview, Tatyana said that she got bad experienced as biracial girl when she was child. With straight and shiny hair, she often referred as “Good Hair”, it means that her hair looks strange as common American girls.

As for your information, Tatyana Ali was born New York on January 25, 1979. She is famous for staring many movies and series including The Young and the Restless, Love That Girl, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and many more.

Tatyana Ali claimed herself as a black American actress. Based on our research, both of her parents are black ethnic. Her father Sheriff Ali is known for having Trinidadian descent. And her mother Sonia Ali is considered for having black Panamanian descent.

Name: Tatyana Ali

Ethnicity: Black, Trinidadian, black Panamanian

Nationality: American