Taylor Lautner Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many people believe that the handsome actor Taylor Lautner ethnicity is Native American, is it true? Let’s we discuss about his roots more detail. As everybody knows, Taylor Lautner is very talented young actor in Hollywood. His popularity rose when he acted on movie series Twilight Saga. He was born in Michigan, California on February 11, 1992 with rich family. In many times, Taylor Lautner said about his ethnicity, he said that he has French, Dutch and Germany descent. So, is that true? Let’s we discuss about his parents roots.

Taylor Lautner’s mother Deborah is Native American. And his father Daniel Lautner is having several races from European like French, Dutch, Austrian, Irish and Germany. So, the true Taylor Lautner ethnicity is European – Native American.

Name: Taylor Lautner

Ethnicity: White, European – Native American

Nationality: American

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