The Weeknd Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Based on The Weeknd appearance, we can say that he has African descent. Everybody must be agree that The Weeknd is very talented singer. He began his carer by uploading his singing on Youtube. We are pretty sure that only few people who knows The Weeknd real name. He was born In Toronto, Canada on February 16, 1990 as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and his family called him as Tesfaye. Based on his name, we can conclude that he is from Ethiopia, a country located in Africa. So, what is The Weeknd ethnicity? let’s we discuss it more details.

After the song Starboy released, The Weeknd name rose drastically. He is so popular now, the song also very popular, it was reached number one on the Billboard hot 100. Because of his popularity, many people curious about his ethnicity. The Weeknd ethnicity is Ethiopian. Both of his parents are Ethiopian who immigrate to Canada.

His parents, Samra Tesfaye and Makkonen are Native Ethiopian and having so many families in the country. In another source, there was information said that The Weeknd also has East African ancestry. But some people claimed that he has Caucasian descent based on his body features. What do you think guys?

Name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye known as The Weeknd

Ethnicity: Black, Ethiopian

Nationality: Canadian

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