Tommy Page Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Tommy Page who was born with the name Thomas Alden Page is a 90s-era singer who is famous for songs hits I’ll Be Your Everything. When he was 16 years old, Tommy Page became a waiter in a nightclub in New York where he was in charge of storing visitors’ coats and coats. Some visitors at the club named Nell’s include big celebrities such as

Tommy Page Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality
Tommy Page

Whitney Houston, Rob Lowe, and Beastie Boys. Thanks to his work at the club, Tommy Page had the opportunity to play his demo tapes. The DJ on duty at the club played Tommy Page demo tapes and made it a club mix. From here Tommy Page was then introduced to Seymour Stein, owner of the Sire Records label.


Tommy Page’s career began when he was 18 years old where he was asked to write a music theme for the film SHAG. The song for the film’s soundtrack was later released as its first single. His first album debut was released in 1989 under the production of the Sire / Warner Bros. label.

The single titled I’ll Be Your Everything released on the album both got first place in the United States. Tommy Page also released several singles from his second album entitled ‘Paintings in My Mind’. Some of them are I’ll Be Your Everything and Turn On The Radio which is a collaboration with the New Kids On The Block boy band.

Still from the same album, Tommy Page also released the single titled ‘Don’t Give Up on Love’ which he sang with Latin singer Sa-Fire. The song was co-written with Sa-Fire and was released as a single outside the United States.

On his third album, Tommy Page sang songs with higher tones and varied from previous albums. The songs are also more orchestral than the previous song. According to Tommy, in making songs on the album titled ‘From the Heart’, he was inspired by Wilson Phillips, who was at that time a trend.

As an award for fans in Asia, Page again produced an album titled ‘A Friend To Rely On’. In the album, Page duets with Sally Yeh in one of his songs. On the same album, Page sings remake Wouldn’t It Be Good.

After the release of the album ‘FRIEND TO RELY END’, Page signed a contract with Japanese label Pony Canyon Records. Since then Page has begun to concentrate on releasing his album in Asia. He also recorded duets with other Asian singers such as Liz Kong from Hong Kong and Amy Mastura from Malaysia.

His most recent album was released in the spring of 2000 and was titled Ten ‘Till Midnight which was only sold online. In 2003, Page released a DVD which was a compilation of video music sold through its website

In 2011, after being successful as one of Warner Bros. Records executives, Page merged with Billboard Magazine as a publisher for 2 years. As a publisher, Page creates new features such as the Industry Icon Award and Power 100 List. In April 2013, Tommy Page joined Pandora Internet Media as Head of Music Partnerships.

On 15 and 17 November 2013, Tommy Page will hold concerts in Indonesia which will be held in 2 cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. This concert will be the second concert after 15 years. In this concert titled “Tommy Page Come Home”, he will present some of his best hit songs such as A Shoulder To Cry On, Paintings in My Mind, I’ll Be Your Everything, and I’m Falling In Love, Time.

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