Tori Kelly Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

For those of you who curious about Tori Kelly race or ethnicity, this discussion is exactly right to be read. As everybody knows, Tori Kelly is a talented young singer in United States of America; she was born in California on December, 14, 1992. Her skin is very exotic, it contains from several races. Recently, on her twitter she said that she is Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Irish. Then after she tweeted about it, many people started curious about her roots. The Jamaican and Puerto Rican are come from her father Allwyn Earl Delano Kelly who has Jamaican – Puerto Rican descent.

Tori Kelly ever said that she likes different cultures, and she loves Puerto Rican. No wonder, she proud to be a person who has Puerto Rican descent. How about her mother? Tori Kelly’s mother is Laura Denise Richard and she is Irish – Germany descent. Based on the research, Irish women tend to lighted up people a lot. A lot of Irish are super pale and lack melanin. The mixed races of her parents make Tori Kelly looks very beautiful and her skin is very exotic. What do you think guys?

Name: Tori Kelly

Ethnicity: White, Puerto Rican – Jamaican, Irish – Germany

Nationality: American

Parents: Allwyn Earl Delano Kelly and Laura Denise Richard

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