Tyler Posey Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must know the “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey is having handsome face. Many of girls are fallen in love with him. Some of his fans said that he looks a Mexican, some other said that Tyler Posey looks Indian. So, what is Tyler Posey ethnicity background?Let’s we discuss it. As for your information, Tyler Posey was born in Santa Monica on October 18, 1991. His father is a famous actor and writer John Posey.

Based on the trusted source, Tyler Posey’s father is considered for having Irish – English descent. How about his mom? Tyler Posey’s mother, the late Cyndi Garcia was known for having Mexican ancestry. At an interview, Tyler Posey said that his mom was Mexico and his dad is a white dud. So, there is no Indian ancestry on Tyler Posey family roots. Some people also claimed that Tyler Posey has French descent, what do you think guys?

Name: Tyler Posey

Ethnicity: White, Mexican, Irish – English

Nationality: American