Vanessa Hudgens Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Some people consider that Vanessa Hudgens looks like a Latina woman. But the fact is, she has no Latina ancestry on her family. As everybody knows, Vanessa Hudgens is very talented actress and singer. She was born on December 14, 1988 in California. Both of her parents live in Southern California. Some people claimed that Vanessa Hudgens has Asian and Latina face. So, let’s we look for the truth by discussing about her roots and ethnicity.

Vanessa Hudgens’ father is Gregory Hudgens, he had American – Irish descent. On some sources her father is a Native American. What do you think guys? How about Vanessa Hudgens’ mother? Her mom Gina is Filipino, and of course she has Chinese descent. As like many people in Philippine, they tend to have Spanish descent. So, Vanessa Hudgens ethnicity is American – Chinese, Spanish. Some people said that Vanessa Hudgens has a bit of Mexican ancestry.

Name: Vanessa Hudgens

Ethnicity: White, American – Chinese, Spanish

Nationality: American

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