Vanessa Lynn Williams Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Vanessa Lynn Williams is an American singer and actress. She was the first black woman to be crowned Miss America in 1983, but a scandal required her to take off her crown early. Vanessa is known as an artist and entertainer who obtained a Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Awards.

Vanessa was born on March 18, 1963, in Millwood, New York, from a music teacher partner Helen and Milton Augustine Williams Jr. Interestingly, when he was born, his father once exclaimed, “Here it is, Miss America,” like knowing that Vanessa would truly become Miss America.

Big Vanessa in a ‘musical’ family where she learns to play piano, sing and write songs. She received a scholarship and attended Syracuse University majoring in Theater Arts from 1981-1983. Unfortunately, Vanessa had to leave school because of her busy life as Miss America and her career in the entertainment world.

Twenty-five years later, Vanessa received her degree as a graduate without college, only armed with her experience as a Broadway artist and Tony Award nominee.

Vanessa has been married twice. The first was a man named Ramion Hervey II from 1987 to 1997 and had three children. Her second marriage was done with former NBA player Rick Fox. Because of Fox’s affair, they finally divorced in 2004.


Her career as Miss America began with being Miss Syracuse (on campus), Miss New York in 1983, and then she became Miss America in an event held in Atlantic City. In the same event, Vanessa also won the winner of the Swimming and Talent Competition. Vanessa might be the only Miss America who was also awarded with death threats and cans.

Unfortunately, Vanessa was stricken by the problem of her photos which were actually private collections, not for distribution. This photo was taken in 1982, by a photographer. This photographer sold photos of Vanessa to Penthouse without her consent.

After the media coverage was shocking, finally Vanessa had to take off her crown in 1984. Although she had time to sue the photographer and the magazine in question, finally Vanessa revoked it because she thought that the best revenge was to be a successful person.

Vanessa had released several albums from 1988 to 2009, namely The Right Stuff (1988), The Comfort Zone (1991), The Sweetest Days (1994), 1996: Star Bright (1996), Next (1997), 2004: Silver & Gold (2004), Everlasting Love (2005), 2009: The Real Thing (2009).

Not only being a singer, Vanessa is also an actress who has been crossing, both on Broadway, film, and television series. From here he was nominated in various awards, Grammy, Emmy, Tony Award, and dozens of other awards.

Women, Catholics
March 18, 1963, Millwood, New York

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