Vanessa Williams Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

The multi talented actress and singer Vanessa Williams seems enjoying her life now. As everybody knows, her controversial issue in 1983 after she won Miss America 1984 noticed by many people around the world. But, she did well to show to the public about her talent in singing and acting. And as you can her now, she has starred so many movies and made many hits albums. As for your information, Vanessa Williams was born in The Bronx, New York March 18, 1963. She used to be e very beautiful woman, many of people are curious about her ethnicity background.

At an interview, Vanessa Williams claimed her self has Black American woman, and you know that she is the first African – American who won Miss America. Her black blood comes from her father side Milton Augustine Williams who has African – American ancestry. How about her mother? her mom Helen Tinch is considered for having British ancestry of Irish, English and Welsh.

At an occasion, Vanessa Williams took a DNA test, and the result was not surprising. Most of her ethnicity were come from African countries. She is 56% African (Ghana, Cameron, Togo, Senegal) and 40% European(British, Finnish, Spain, Southern Europe).

Name: Vanessa Lynn Williams

Ethnicity: Black, African – American, British

Nationality: American

Parents: Milton Augustine Williams and Helen Tinch

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