What is Genghis Khan Religion?

Genghis Khan became of the most feared leaders in the world. His name is still very popular right now after his death since long time ago. Everybody must be agree about his great action to conquer the world. Almost half of this world had been controlled by him. No wonder, many people said Genghis Khan as a Great Khan. Then, there is question about what is actually religion that Genghis Khan embraced? Based on a trusted source, He was a religious person, he often prayed before he entered the war zone, and he always discussed with many religion leaders to discussed about his action.

There are many fakes information on internet, some people said that Genghis Khan is a Muslim, some other people said Buddhism. But, the right information will informed in this discussion. The actual Genghis Khan religion is Shamanism, it was popular belief among nomadic mongol in the era. Then, many people believe that Genghis Khan faith is Shamanism. But as for your information, Genghis Khan was very tolerant with various religions like Islam, Christian, Buddhist and many more. No wonder, many people said that Genghis Khan is hero of religion freedom.

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