William Singe Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

For Youtubers, William Singe is one of the most popular young men in online site Youtube. Just for your information, he is very popular with his singing online videos on Youtube and Facebook. He has 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube. His professional carrier started in 2011 when he auditioned for Australia X Factor. After that, his popularity was more rising and known around the world. Then people started curious about his ethnicity.

William Singe was born in New South Wales, on 2 July 1995. William Singe’s father Ray Singe is considered for having Maori Australian descent. As for your information, Maori Australian ancestry has population about 150.000 people. How about his mother? William Singe’s mother Sue McGrath is known having Scottish descent.

Name: William Singe

Ethnicity: White, Maori Australian, Scottish

Nationality: Australian

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