Winona Ryder Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Winona Ryder was born with the name Winona Laura Horowitz in Winona, Minnesota, USA, October 29, 1971. She is known as an American actress who was included in several Academy Award nominations.

Winona herself had a relationship with actor Johnny Depp for four years, Soul Asylum David Pirner for three years, and Matt Damon for three years. During the relationship, Depp once made a tattoo that read ‘Winona Forever’ after their relationship ended.

According to various sources Winona reportedly had dated a number of celebrities, including Daniel Day-Lewis, David Duchovny, Val Kilmer, Chris Noth, Jimmy Fallon, and Christian Slater, then musician Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Ryan Adams, Evan Dando (the Lemonheads), Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), Franz Hemingbeck, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, The Foo Fighters), Hamilton Page (Helmet), Beck Hansen, Jay Kay, Rhett Miller, Pete Yorn and John S. Brinkflake.


Winona is known for her roles in TV series and feature films. Among her films, HEATHERS (1989), BEETLEJUICE (1988), EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990), BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (1992), THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1993), LITTLE WOMEN (1994), GIRL, INTERRUPTED (1999), REALITY BITES (1994) and LOST SOULS (2000).

Through her role as May Welland in the film THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1993) and her role as Josephine March in the film LITTLE WOMEN (1994), she led himself to be nominated as their best-supporting actress and best actress. In addition to several awards, she received including the Golden Globe Awards and the BAFTA Awards.

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