Yara Shahidi Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

The young and talented actress Yara Shahidi ethnic background is popular subject to be discussed. As everybody knows, she has some of Middle Eastern and African facial features, her name also like Arabian name. No wonder, if many of people are curious about her ethnicity, her parents and her ancestries. As for your information, Yara Shahidi was born in Minnesota on February 10, 2000. Her name known widely after she portrayed Zoey Johnson on the comedy series Black-Ish.

Yara Shahidi is having multi-racial ethnic. Her father Afshin Shahidi is known for having Iranian descent. Yara’s paternal grandfather Forough E. Shahidi was from Iran and has many families in the country.

How about her mother? Yara Shahidi’s mom Keri Jamelda Salter is considered for having Ghanaian descent. At an interview, Yara said that her mom is African – American ancestry and originated in Ghana. Some people also claimed that she has some of Somalian descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Yara Shahidi

Ethnicity: Iranian, Ghanaian

Nationality: American

Parents: Afshin Sahidi and Keri Jamelda Salter