Yoon Mi-rae Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

Yoon Mi-rae has established herself as one of the best rapper in South Korea. Many of young female rappers considered Yoon Mi-rae as their idol and their senior in the hip hop music industry in South Korea. As for your information, Yoon Mi-rae was born as Natasha Shanta Reid in Texas on May 31, 1981. She moved to South Korea followed her mom who is From Korea. At an interview, Yoon said that she had bad experienced and got discrimination because she had mixed races.

For those of you who are curious about Yoon Mi-rae ethnicity background, let’s find out here. She is mixed of American and Korean. Her father Thomas Jeff Reid is known for having African – American descent. He was U.S military who served in South Korea. And Yoon’s mother Yoon Myung-ok is Korean descent.

Name: Yoon Mi-rae

Ethnicity: African – American, Korean

Nationality: Korean

Parents: Thomas Jeff Reid and Yoon Myung-ok

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