Yuck Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Yuck is an indie band founded in London, England which carries the indie rock/noise genre. Merak is often addressed with Dinosaur Jr., Pavemnet, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth because of the similarity of the genre that is carried.

Their debut album, which took the same title, got good criticism. A good start considering the indie rock genre that is now forgotten. After 2 years later they have released a second album entitled Glow and Behold.

IN this album there was a change of line up where Daniel Blumberg was no longer involved in Yuck. Even so, it didn’t reduce Yuck’s musicality, and they still got a place in the ears of indie music connoisseurs.

At the beginning of 2014 Yuck had appeared with a new EP titled Southeren Skies. But after the EP, their news was not heard, would there be an advanced in the form of an album.

Yuck (2011)
Glow and Behold (2013)
Southern Skies (2014)

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