Zachary Quinto Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Aside from being an actor, Zachary’s full name John Quinto is also known as a producer. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, this man born on June 2, 1977, was widely known for his role in STAR TREK. Zachary himself was born to John and Margo. Unfortunately, the father could not see the growth of his son due to cancer and finally died when Zachary was still seven years old. He only lived with his mother and brother, Joe.

Zachary Quinto Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality
Zachary Quinto

His childhood certainly wasn’t spent in vain. This graduate of Central Catholic High School has received various awards for his work in the world of music and acting.

Along with its popularity in the entertainment world, in the end, it was also clear that Zachary was gay. He disclosed it openly in 2011, after a gay teenager named Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide. After that, he was increasingly active in various campaigns for the struggle for the rights of gays, bisexuals and transgender people.


The entertainment world is indeed not the world that has ever existed in small Zachary dreams. However, he managed to penetrate the world of acting first through his role in the TV series THE OTHERS. Since then he has often appeared as a guest star on CSI, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL, CHARMED, SIX FEET UNDER, LIZZIE MCGUIRE, and L.A. DRAGNET.

Since then the name Zachary has often appeared in various shows such as 24 which eventually brought him closer to popularity. Along with the passage of time, his career arrived at STAR TREK. Through his role as Spock in the film, the name Zachary is increasingly known to the international scene.

Besides starring in STAR TREK, Zachary also appeared on a number of films and TV shows. At present, he is also still busy with the next STAR TREK process which is planned to be released in 2013.

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