Zendaya Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

Recently, the young talented actress and singer Zendaya makes public shocked with her good statement about ethnicity. Zendaya said that no one just white and no one just black. It is very good statement since she is mixed from several races. As everybody knows, Zendaya is not Native American. She was born in Oakland on September 1, 1996, but her parents’ descent both mother and father is not Native American. Zendaya’s father Kazembu Azamu is African – American descent, his black skin shows us that he has African race. Based on our research, Zendaya father is Ghanaian.

How about Zendaya’s mother? Her mother Claire Marie is a white girl who has Germany, Irish and English descent. Being a Hollywood actress who has several races in the family makes Zendaya open minded about anti racists group. As for your information, she is a vegetarian and she is an anti racist girl. For some people, Zendaya could have Asian descent based on her appearance that has small eyes. But, some people also said that she looks like Blasian or Pasific Islander. So, what do you think guys?

Name: Zendaya Coleman

Ethnicity: Black, Ghanaian, Germany – Irish

Nationality: American

Parents: Kazembu Azamu and Claire Marie

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