Adam Sandler Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

Adam Sandler is one of the most high grossing comedian actor in Hollywood. Her name rose to prominence after he became a part of Saturday Night Live in 90s. And then, he stared so many big hits movies including Grown Ups, Funny People, Hotel Transylvania, Jack and Jill and many others. Many of his fans are curious about Adam Sandler religion and his family background.

As for your information, Adam Sandler was born in New York on September 9, 1966. Both of his parents Judy Levine and Stanley Sandler were Jewish immigrant from Russia. When he was young, his parents entered him to BBYO, it is Jewish youth community. His parents always taught him about Judism and his parents hoped that Adam Sandler grown to be a good Jew.

At an interview, Adam Sandler claimed himself as a Jewish and he said that he might convert. He also said that there were no many Jewish people on his environment when he was child. So, he often got bullied by his childhood friends.

How about Adam Sandler Political views?

He is republican party supporter, he often donated to many republican party campaigns. One of the most popular donation was when he donated $2100 to one of republican party members Rudy Giuliani for presidential campaign.

Name: Adam Sandler

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Russian Jew

Political Views: Republican