The 6 Best Hotels for Celebrity Sightings in Las Vegas

Do you have an idea of the best Las Vegas hotels to visit when you need a celebrity-level experience? Getting an awesome experience anywhere outside Canada needs you to have prior knowledge of the place before you visit it. Las Vegas is among the best cities globally that is a destination for many tourists and gamers.

It’s known by other people as heaven on earth because of its unique features. It has exclusive clubs, rock concerts, and great mountains that make it stay in the hearts of many rich and royal personalities.

We linked up with our travel and gaming expert Lucas Goldberg (check his profile), who will enlighten you on the most famous Las Vegas hotels to visit if you desire celebrity treatment.

The Palms Casino resort

For a long time, Palms Casino Resort has been in the hearts of many celebrities in Vegas who value dignified experience. The hotel is known for the best and excellent customer experience and the home of 2002 Real World.

It’s been on top of the list for hosting some of the high-profile celebrities such as Britney Spears, who held an after-party for 50 guests only. If you think that’s the only celebrity who loves the place, you are wrong. There are music stars such as Usher, who has been one of the best R&B singers known for unforgettable hits. He calls Palms Casino restaurant his second home.

Giada Restaurant

Celebrity Chef Giada De Laurentis has been preparing some of the best finger-licking dishes that would leave any celebrity to yearn for more. Any celebrity who has visited the restaurant will confirm that it has some amazing dishes.

Visiting The Cromwell hotel will make you love the place forever. Giada Restaurant is known for hosting many Las Vegas celebrities who happen to be fans of Chef Giada’s food. The hotel’s customer experience is also top-notch, hence an attractive place for celebrities like Chelsea handler, Tyra Banks, Donny, and Marrie Osmond.

The ambience of the hotel also allows one to relax and visit different online sites. Canadians have found a home away from home in this casino. You can use the hotel’s WiFi to claim your Canadian casino bonus and enjoy what various online sites have to offer.

The Mirage

Canadians will assume that The Mirage is an old restaurant that does not offer them the modern solutions they need. But old is gold, making the restaurant a no different case. Surprisingly, the hotel still hosts some of the respected celebrities in the entertainment space.

Many recall how the restaurant hosted the top celebrities (Fergie and Quentin Tarantino) who threw a joint party that saw many invited celebrities attending. To date, it’s among the best joints for partying, whether alone or with your friends.

Plaza Resort Hotel Casino

Plaza Resort Hotel Casino has been one of the best Casino Las Vegas destinations for many gamblers and celebrities. The restaurant has a history of top celebrities. Many people remember Joaquin Phoenix playing a set of three songs at the restaurant after resigning from acting and later threw a big party.

Other Las Vegas celebrities who have a good knowledge of the place include country singer Carrie Underwood. The hotel has been on top of the list for hosting some of the best birthday parties ever witnessed globally.

Martorano’s restaurant

Celebrity Chef Steeve is always the talk once the hotel visitors get served and start enjoying their well-prepared Italian dish. When you visit the restaurant, especially when there is a global celebration mood, you will never run short of familiar faces such as top personalities in the entertainment, casino, and political space.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Among the best restaurants in Las Vegas, Hard Rock is the unique one known for its wide seating capacity of about 4000 seats. Most celebrities in Vegas love its awesome customers’ experience alongside the top dishes. A media frenzy was caused in 2009 when Brad Pritt and his sons stayed at the hotel. Many films have been successful, courtesy of the fantastic amenities at the hotel.

Looking at the above, it’s undeniable that Las Vegas is still among the leading destinations for many celebrities during the holidays and other normal days. Also, considering it on your next vacation will allow you to experience something unique.

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