Adolf Hitler Ethnicity, Race, Career, Faith and Nationality


Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) party or known as the Nazi Party. Hitler was the fourth child of six siblings. Hitler was a good student but had not gone up to class. This was done as a form of rebellion at the will of his father who wanted him to concentrate as a customs official. While Hitler liked the world of painting and wanted to be a painter.

After his father and mother died, his life was even messier. He tried to become a painter and tried to enter art school, but was refused. Finally, in 1909, he lived in a homeless shelter to continue his life.

In 1913 he moved to Munich from the remains of his father’s property. He deliberately moved to Munich to avoid Austrian compulsory military service. However, the Austrian army managed to arrest him. Because he did not pass the military requirements, Hitler was finally allowed to return to Munich.

In 1914, Germany entered the world war I. At that time, Hitler decided to join the Bavarian army and finally, King Ludwih II of Bavaria allowed him to serve in the Bavarian regiment.

Hitler’s leadership in the Nazi Party built several projects on public facilities, starting the idea of cheap vehicles so that they could be reached by the German people, namely the cars we now know of Volkswagen (VW) cars. Hitler’s brutality was seen when he killed all of his opponents in June 1934.

It is known as the Nacht der langen Messer or language Long Blade Night where Hitler finishes off all his opponents such as Roehm and the leaders of the Abteilungen Sturm.

Hitler had a personal grudge with communists and Jews so that he carried out attacks, assassinations and turned them on a bad economic political situation in Germany.

Hitler who was also the chancellor of Germany led Germany from 1934 to his death. He became a dictatorial leader who united the chancellor and the president as a unitary position and established the Nazi as a single party in Germany. At the defeat of Germany in World War II finally, the Nazis officially disbanded.


Bavarian Army, World War I, 1914
Fuhrer / NSDAP leader 1921-18945
German Reichskanzlier, 1933-1945
Head of the German State, 1934-1945


Full Name: Adolf Hitler
Profession: Bureaucrats
Place of Birth: Braunau Am Inn, Austria-Hungary
Date of Birth: Saturday, April 20, 1889
Zodiac: Aries
Citizen: Germany
Wife: Eva Braun
Father: Alois Hitler
Mother: Klara Polzl