Alan Rickman Ethnicity, Race, Career and Nationality

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman is an actor born in Hammersmith, London, England on February 21, 1946. Aside from being an actor, he is also known as a theater director. His name sticks out sharply after acting as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter sequel. In addition, he also starred in several other films. Rickman’s father died when he was eight years old. Therefore, his mother was forced to raise four children alone. Rickman demanded lessons at Chelsea Art College.

In 1965, Rickman met a woman named Rima Horton, who was a professor in economics as well as a labor party politician. Until now the relationship still continues, even though both of them are not tied to the rope of marriage.


After graduating from RADA, Rickman joined a theater group and succeeded in producing various drama works, such as THE SEAGULL and WILSON’S SNOO THE GRASS WIDOW AT THE ROYAL COURT THEATER. In addition, he also appeared at several festivals. His career in the theater continued until many of the titles he starred in.

In 1982, Alan Rickman auditioned for an adaptation film entitled THE BARCHESTER CHRONICLES. He also managed to get a role because of his acting skills which had been honed since he attended the theater. Furthermore, step by step, Rickman was increasingly looked at to play in various films, so that his career was growing.

In the end, the role that Rickman acted on was no longer a small role. Although the average role he plays is an antagonist character, but this makes his name even more known. He had starred in various successful films such as DIE HARD (1988), ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (1991), and the most successful was his role in seven Harry Potter sequels. Through the roles he played, he also won various awards in the field of film.

In addition to playing a role in drama and action films, Rickman also had time to play several comedy roles. This certainly shows that the character of the player that Rickman is able to bring is not only homogeneous, but also varies. He proved to be able to play any role.

In 1995, he was confirmed as one of the 100 sexiest men in Empire magazine. In addition, there are still many other achievements that Rickman has.

This year, after the cultivation of the last HARRY POTTER sequel, Rickman returned to action with Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz in a remake of the film GAMBIT. In addition, he is also scheduled to appear in the SEMINAR movie.