Alex Wassabi Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

For those of you who active in social medias like Youtube, Vine and Twitter, you must heard the name of Alex Wassabi. He also known as Alex Burris and he is known for his funny videos on Youtube. He and his friends under the name of Wassabi production makes funny videos, lip sync videos, dances videos, prank videos and then upload it to Youtube and Vine. His videos are very popular, until now he has more than 10 millions subscribers on Youtube. Making him as one of the most successful Youtubers ever.

As for your information, Alex Wassabi was born in Montana on March 28, 1990. By seeing his appearances, it can be seen easily that he has Asian descent. Based on our research, Alex Wassabi is American – Filipino descent. It seems that his Filipino descent comes from his mother side. And most of Filipino has a bit of Spanish descent. His eyes shows us that he is a part of Filipino. What do you think guys?

Name: Alex Wassabi

Ethnicity: American – Filipino

Nationality: American

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