Alfred Enoch Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

If you are fans of Harry Potter movies series, you must know Alfred Enoch who portrayed Dean Thomas on the movies. As for your information, Alfred Enoch was born in London on December 2, 1988. As you can see at his appearance, he has black skin, and he has black ethnicity. Actually, he is considered as half black and half white.

His white ethnic comes from his father side William Russell who is also an actor is known for having English ancestry. And Alfred Enoch black ethnic comes from his mother side Balbina Gutierrez Lewis who has Barbarian descent. At an interview, Alfred Enoch said that his mother parents were from Barbados and has been live in there for many generations. Some people also claimed that he has some of Indian descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Alfred Enoch

Ethnicity: English, Barbados

Nationality: British