Alicia Keys Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that the multi racial singer Alicia Keys is one of the best American singers. She proves that whoever you are, you can be a success person if you have strong willingness. Alicia Keys began her debut in 2001 by releasing album entitled “Songs in A Minor”. Thanks to the albums, she became a famous singer drastically. The album sold for more than 12 millions copies and of course she got several Grammy Awards because of the album.

As you can see at Alicia Keys’ appearance, she is of multi racial. Many people especially her fans ask to her about Alicia Keys ethnicity. Let’s we discuss Alicia Keys roots in detail. She is the only child of Teresa Augello and Craig Cook. Alicia Keys was born in Manhattan, January 25, 1981 as Alicia Augello. Her father Craig Cook is African – American descent and her paternal grandfather is Michael Cook who considered for having Jamaican descent.

How about her mother? Alicia Keys’ mom Teresa Augello is considered as Caucasian descent of Italian, Scottish and Irish descent. At one of the interview, Alicia Keys said that she was proud being a multi racial woman and she said that she is black, Italian and Irish. It is known that many of Alicia Keys mother families are lived in Sicilia, Italia. Then, we can conclude that Alicia Keys ethnicity is 50% Italian, 40 % African and Irish, Scottish for the rest. What do you think guys?

Name: Alicia Keys

Ethnicity: Black, African- American, Italian, Irish, Scottish

Nationality: American