Alicia Vikander Ethnicity, Religion and Nationality

The Scandinavian actress Alicia Vikander amazed public by her great acting in The Danish Girl. You may also her great acting on several other movies including Jason Bourne, Seventh Son and the upcoming movie Tomb Raider. As for your information, Alicia Vikander was born Gothenburg, Sweden on October 3, 1988.

Based on our research, she has 100% of Scandinavian ancestry. Both of her parents Svante Vikander and Maria Fahl Vikander are considered for having Swedish descent. At an interview, Alicia Vikander said that she has small amount of Finish descent. It seems that the Finnish ancestry came from her maternal grandmother Solveig Waldemarsdotter who has Finnish ancestry. Some people claimed that Alicia has some of Russian descent but it is not clear if this ancestry has been verified.

How about Alicia Vikander religious views? There are no much information related to her religion. But at an occasion, she ever said that she is non religion person. And it seems that she is an atheist now, she does not show any sign for embracing any religions. In addition, she has dual citizenship after she decided to live in London after her marriage with Michael Fassbender.

Name: Alicia Vikander

Ethnicity: Swedish, one quarter Finnish

Religion: Atheist

Nationality: Swedish, English