Aziz Ansari Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The American-Indian actor and stand up comedian Aziz Ansari appearances always waited by his fans. Everybody must agree that he is so funny and talented. His great acting can be seen on comedy series Park and Recreation. He always acted as funny guy on many movies and series including Master of None, Funny People, 30 Minutes or Less and many other. As for your information, Aziz Ansari was born in South Carolina on February 23, 1983 to Indian parents.

By seeing his appearance, we can say that he is Indian easily. It is because of his skin, facial features, eyes show us that he is part of Indian. Both of his parents Shoukath Ansari and Fatima were from Tamil Nadu, India and emigrated to United states to pursue their career. Aziz grandparents Ismail and Ameenal Beevi had lived in Tamil Nadu for many generations. Recently, Aziz Ansari took a DNA test, and the result he is almost 100% South Asian.

Name: Aziz Ansari

Ethnicity: Indian

Nationality: American

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