Blake Griffin Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The basket ball players family can be seen at Blake Griffin family, his father, mother and brother works in this field together. No wonder if Blake Griffin becomes one of the best NBA players ever. As for your information, Blake Griffin was born in Oklahama on March 16, 1989. His talented in playing basket ball was seen when he was child by his father who is basket ball coach.

He started his NBA career in 2009 by joined to Los Angeles Clippers. And it seems, he is a loyal person, no wonder if he keep stayed at Los Angeles Clippers until now. During his career, he has achieve many achievements including one NBA Rockie of the Year, NBA Slam Dunk Champion, NBA All-Rockie First Time and many more.

Many of people are curious about Blake Griffin ethnicity background. As you can see at his appearances, his hair, skin and facial features show us that he is biracial. At an occasion, he claimed himself as a half black and half white. His black ancestry comes from his father side Tommy Griffin who has black Haitian descent.  How about his mom? Blake Griffin mother Gail Simmons is known for having Caucasian descent. His maternal grandparents Clarence Melvin Simmons and Fanel Owings were English descent.

Name: Blake Griffin

Ethnicity: black Haitian, Caucasian

Nationality: American

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