Booboo Stewart Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many people do not know the real name of Booboo Stewart. He was born as Nils Allen Stewart in California on January 21, 1994. He became famous after he portrayed Seth Clearwater in Twilight Saga. Having Asian face, many people are curious about his family background.

Based on our research, Booboo Stewart is considered for having a half of Asian descent. His mother Renee Yee is known for having Asian ancestry of Chinese, Japanese and Korean descent. How about his father? Booboo Stewart’s father Nils Allen Stewart is considered for having Caucasian descent of Russian and Scottish. Some sources also said that Booboo’s father has a bit of Hawaiian and Blackfoot Native American. What do you think guys? Please leave your opinion by writing comment below.

Name: Nils Allen Stewart known as Booboo Stewart

Ethnicity: Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), Hawaiian, Native American

Nationality: American

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