Bradley Cooper Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Bradley Cooper is well-known as an American actor and producer. He is one of the world’s most expensive actors. Bradley Cooper was an actor nominated for Oscar, first appeared on the TV series ‘Alias’ and appeared in films such as ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘American Hustle’, ‘American Sniper’. For acting and starring in two Hangover movies.

Born on January 5, 1975, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Gloria and Charlie Cooper. He has a sister, Holly. His mother, Gloria, worked at a local NBC affiliated organization. His father is Charles Cooper. He worked as a stockbroker and died in January 2011. His father was Irish and his mother was an Italian ancestor. He grew up as a Roman Catholic. He had acne in his ear shortly after his birth due to this reason he opened a hole in his tympanic membrane when he started diving at an early age.

Bradley Cooper graduated at the age of 18 in 1993 and attended the famous Germantown Academy of Philadelphia. Cooper was also involved in many extracurricular activities while enrolled in school, and he is particularly known for being involved in the newspaper Philadelphia Evening News as a student. In 1993, Bradley Cooper entered Vilanova University and completed a bachelor ‘s degree, then switched to Georgetown University where he gained honor in English. While attending Georgetown University, he seriously began taking acting and became a member of the theater group.

Bradley Cooper decided to work as performance after acquiring a bachelor’s degree. To have it, he entered the Actors Studio Drama School in New York. He was awarded a master’s degree in his arts by acting in 2000. It was a degree that armed him with a firm foundation on various aspects of acting.

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