Cameron Boyce Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know that Cameron Boyce ethnicity is black. Everybody must agree that he is very talented as an actor. Born in Los Angeles, California on May 28, 1999, Cameron Boyce began her carer as a model when he was 7 years old. Then, he debuted as an actor in 2008 by appearing on the Panic at the Disco music video. Since then, he appears in many television programs include Grown Ups, Descendants, Eagle Eye and many more.

Many of his fans especially hardcore fans are curious about Cameron Boyce family background. And you will be surprise when you heard that he is a black. Cameron Boyce’s father Victor Boyce is considered for having African – American descent. Some sources told that his father also has Afro – Caribbean descent. How about his mom? Cameron Boyce mother’s Libby Boyce is Ashkenazi Jewish of Hungarian, Germany and Russian. Based on the trusted source, Cameron Boyce often celebrate the Black History Month with his family.

He also claimed herself as a Blewish, it means that he is a black and Jewish. Some of his fans said that Cameron Boyce has a bit of Brazilian ancestry. What do you think guys?

Name: Cameron Boyce

Ethnicity: Black, Afro – American – Caribbean, Jewish

Nationality: American