Cierra Ramirez Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The name of Cierra Ramirez known widely after she portrayed Ansiedad on Girl in Progress movie. Because of her acting on that movie, she won several awards including Imagen Foundation Awards and Horizon Award. You may also saw her from television series The Foster and she is very talented actress.

As for your information, Cierra Ramirez was born in Texas on March 9, 1995.
She is considered for having Latin ancestry. The Latin descent comes from both of her parents. Her mother Griselda Fernandez is known for having Mexican descent. And her father Sony Ramirez is known for having Colombian descent. Recently, on her twitter she said that she is Mexilombian which means Mexico – Colombian.

Name: Cierra Ramirez

Ethnicity: Colombian, Mexican

Nationality: American

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