Dimitrios Pagourtzis Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Dimitrios Pagourtzis was born on August 4, 2001, and raised in Santa Fe, Texas. He is the American School Shooting Accuser, a former student of Santa Fe High School. On May 18, 2018, he is suspected of shooting at his high school in Texas. The genocide killed almost ten people and injured ten others on the ground.

In addition, Dimitrios Pagourtzis played football in his school team. He also received academic and kinematic services. He is from Galveston County, Texas. But he spent most of his life in Santa Fe with his parents.

In addition, Antonios Pagourtzis is a legal gun owner. Dimitrios Pagourtzis takes a gun from his father’s shop and you all know it. He likes to play football. He studied at the secondary school of Santa Fe High School. Dimitrios Pagourtzis received an honor student from his school.