Eminem Controversial Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Many of people are curious about Eminem religious views. It is because of he often rumored for being a Satanist. Does the rumor is true? Let’s we find out here. As for your information, he was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Missouri on October 17, 1972. Everybody must agree that he is one of the best rappers on earth. Since his career in early 90s, he has sold more than 150 million albums and single worldwide.

Eminem was born by non religious parents Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Deborah Rae Nelson. His childhood life was very though, his parents separated when he was child. And he was raised by single mother. Both of his parents had white ethnic, his father has Germany – Scottish descent. And his mom is considered for having English descent. At an interview, he used to lived in black race ethnic and he got some discrimination treatments from his neighbor in Detroit.

Back to his religion, Eminem parents seems embraced Christian as their faith. But, they were not practicing it, so it is not surprising if Eminem grows up with no religion. Some people often rumored him as a Satanist or Illuminati. But recently, there is a recent rumor told that Eminem decided to choose Christian as his faith. At an interview, he said that he has turned his life to Christ. And is building the relationship between him and God. He did it because of he want to be free of drugs addiction. What do you think guys?

Name: Eminem

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Germany – Scottish, English

Nationality: American