Erykah Badu Ethnicity, Religion and Nationality

The biracial American female rapper Erykah Badu makes many people curious about her ethnicity and religious view. By seeing her appearances, we can say that she belongs to black race. As for your information, Erykah Badu was born in Texas on February 26, 1971. She started her career in early 90s, but she released her debut album in the late 90s. The album was enough successful, it peaked at number two of Billboard 100 chart. Then, she continued released bit hits albums and singles including Mama’s Gun, New Amerykah Part One, and New Amerykah Part Two.

Back to the main topic, Erykah Badu described herself as black American woman. Both of her parents Kolleen Maria Gipson and William Wright Jr are considered for having African – American descent. Some people also claimed that she is a half Nigerian. How about her religious views? Erykah Badu expressed her religious views on her own song at her album. She often said that she influenced from her grandmother religious views. It seems that she is more spiritual than religious.

Name: Erykah Badu

Religion: Other

Ethnicity: African – American, Nigerian

Nationality: American