Esther Afua Ocloo Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Esther Afua Ocloo was one of the most influenced women in the world. Her struggle to help women economics especially in Africa was very huge and must be respected. She was a social entrepreneurship who was found Women’s World Banking in the mid 70s. She established training center for unemployed and unskilled women in Africa especially in Ghana.

As for your information, Esther Afua Ocloo was born in Dzake Peki, Ghana on April 18, 1919. Both of her parents George Nkulenu and Georgina were considered for having Ghanaian ancestry, and part of Ewe people. Esther Afua Ocloo got several good education colleges in London, England. And after she finished her studied in England, she back to Ghana in worked as social entrepreneur in the country. Because of her social services, she got several awards and honors including Honored by Women World Banking Ghana in May 1995, Honored by International Federation of Business and Professional Women, Honored by all women association of Ghana and many more. She died in the age of 82 years old on February 8, 2002 and had buried on her hometown Dzake Peki.

Back to Esther Afua Ocloo religion, she was considered as devout Christian. She was the founder of some Christian groups in Ghana including Unity Group of Practical Christianity, Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Bible Class that aimed people especially women to study Bible.

Name: Esther Afua Ocloo

Reiligion: devout Christian

Ethnicity: Ghanaian

Nationality: Ghanaian

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