Fred Armisen Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The biracial actor and comedian Fred Armisen known widely after he became a cast member of Saturday Night Live. As for your information, Fred Armisen was born Mississippi on December 4, 1966. People also known him as a great screen writer, one of the best works of him is Portlandia.

As above explanation, Fred Armisen is biracial ethnic. Based on the trusted sources, he is known for having Latina and Asian ancestry. The Latina descent comes from his mother side Hildegardt Mirabal Level who was born and raised in San Rafael de Atamaica, Venezuela. His maternal grandfather Federigo Guillermo Mirabal Level was also known for born in Venezuela and has been lived for many generations in the country.

How about his father? Fred Armisen’s father Fereydun Herbert Armisen is considered for having Japanese – Korean and Germany descent. His paternal grandfather Masami Ehara-Kuni was Japanese descent and his dad’s moms Gabriele Johanna Herbert was known for having Germany descent.

Name: Fred Armisen

Ethnicity: Venezuelan, Japanese – Korean – Germany

Nationality: American