Gigi Hadid Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Being a mixed race model in Hollywood is not an easy thing. You must ready to answer the question of public about your ethnicity or your race. It was experienced by sexy and famous model Gigi Hadid.  Everybody must be known that when we heard about her name, you must be think that she is not American. Bella Hadid was born in Los Angeles on April 23, 1995. Her nationality is American but her ethnicity is mixed from several races.

Gigi Hadid father is Mohammed Hadid who was born in Palestine, and of course his roots are Arabian. Gigi Hadid mother is former model who has Dutch descent. On some interviews, Gigi Hadid said that she was proud being a Palestinian descent, and she loves her family so much. Having Arabian – Dutch face makes Gigi Hadid’s face looks so beautiful, no wonder Zayn Malik fall in love with her.

Name: Gigi Hadid

Ethnicity: White, Palestinian – Dutch – American

Nationality: American

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