Is Gigi Hadid Muslim?

Nowadays, public surprised with new comer model Gigi Hadid becomes one of the 50 best models in the world. As for your information, she entered the world modelling professional was not long ago, but now she being of of the top models in the world. People started curious about all things related to her especially her religion. As everybody knows, she was born on Muslim family, her father is Palestine-America ethnic. But, Gigi Hadid never said clearly about what religion she embraced.

Gigi Hadid often asked by journalists about her faith, but she always answer that she does not want to share to public about his faith. Not long time ago, she surprised public by appear on one of popular magazine that she appeared by wearing Hijab. Many people give opinion that she was not fit for wearing Hijab because she is not Muslim. But some people guessed that Gigi Hadid is Muslim because she always proud being a part of Palestine ethnic.

In several sources, they stated that Gigi Hadid is 100% embraced Islam religion. The reason she does not confess about his religion because of she afraid with conservative Muslim will giving their opinions about her job as a Model. As for your information, Gigi Hadid also know about Islam tradition, she ever said Happy Eid Mubarak on instagram. She also protest about Donald Trump policies which banned 7 Islam countries entered United States of America