Hannah Simone Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The light skinned Canadian host Hannah Simone makes many men fall in love with her. She is very beautiful and having exotic skin. No wonder if many men are curious about her ethnic background. As for your information, Hannah Simone was born in London on August 3, 1980. Before settle in Vancouver, Canada, she has lived in several countries for a while includes India, England, and Cyprus.

Back to the Hannah Simone ethnicity background, as you can see at her appearance, we can say that she has Indian descent. Based on our research, her father is known for Having Indian descent. Her father family was from New Delhi and has been lived in there for many generations. How about her mom? Hannah Simone’s mother is considered for having Italian, Germany and Greek descent. What do you think guys? Does she looks beautiful? Please share your opinion by leaving comment below.

Name: Hannah Simone

Ethnicity: Indian, Germany – Italian – Greek

Nationality: Canadian

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