Hope Solo Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that Hope Solo is one of the best female goal keepers on earth. She was known for her appearances in United States Woman National Soccer Team from 2000 to 2016. During 16 years her career on the national team, she has achieve so many awards including one FIFA Women’s World Cup, two Olympic Gold Medal and two CONCACAF Women Gold Cup. As for your information, Hope Solo was born in Washington on July 30, 1981. Her loves to soccer can be seen since she was child and always became regulars player for her high school soccer club. In addition, she used to be a forward and scored more than 100 goals for her high school soccer club.

Hope Solo birth name is Hope Amelia Solo, she is considered for having Italian – American and European ancestry. Her Italian descent comes from her father side Jeffrey John Solo. Her paternal grandparents John S. Solo and Anna Sanconi were born in Italy. How about her mom? Hope Solo’s mother Judy Lynn is known for having European ancestry of English, Germany, Polish and Spanish descent.

Name: Hope Solo

Ethnicity: Italian – American, European

Nationality: American

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