Hugh Jackman Religion and Political Views

Hugh Jackman was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He was born as Christian from his parents’ religion. Well, if we are talking about the Hugh Jackman Religion and Political Views, he believes to the philosophy which combines the elements of Western and Eastern religions. He believes to this philosophy caused of his soul lands in his early twenties to go to School of Practical Philosophy.

For the political view of this Hugh Jackman political views , he is the supporter of Australia’s Labor party and he is also active become a social activist. He has appeared at the press conference in Sydney with Gillard talking about the economic benefits of his movie for Australia. It is not only about it, as a human, he had been involved with a number of fundraising and charity efforts to help the one who needs it more. Here are some lists of his efforts in helping the others:

  • He had involved for helping the one who is suffering the AIDS to raise money for them by acting as spokesman
  • At UN Climate Summit 2009, he spoke about the climate change affects the society’s poorness in the world
  • And much more