Ian Somerhalder Ethnicity, Religion and Nationality

Recently, the handsome Vampire Diary star Ian Somerhalder talked about his ethnicity background openly. He said that his mom is having Native American descent. Does it true? Let’s we discuss it more detail. As for your information, Ian Somerhalder was born Louisiana on December 8, 1978. His popularity rose drastically after he became a regular cast of television series The Vampire Diaries. Because of the series, he has got several awards including eight Teen Choice Awards, one Genesis Awards and four People Choice Awards

As above explanation, Ian Somerhalder ever said that his mom Edna has some of Native American descent. It seems that his statement is true, based on the trusted sources, his mom is considered for having Choctaw Native American descent. How about his father side? Ian dad’s Robert Somerhalder is known for having Cajun French descent. He also claimed that he has some of English, Scottish and Welsh descent.

How about Ian Somerhalder religious views? There are no much information related to Ian Somerhalder religion, but some sources stated that he is Catholic. What do you think guys?

Name: Ian Somerhalder

Ethnicity: Native American, French, Scottish – English – Welsh

Religion: Catholic

Nationality: American

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